Manga A Week of Lust [fan-translation]

Seven Days of Lust: Omegaverse Anthology / A Week of Desire ~An Omega Bus Short Story~ / A Week of Lust / Beta Test (베타테스트) / Clinical Matters of the Heart (두근두근 임상실험) / Love is Love (사랑 은 사랑) / Mutual Enemies (견원 지간) / No Need to Talk (말하지 않아도) / Sleepless Nights (전전반측) / The Melting Point (녹는 점) / Неделя желания / 욕망의 일주일 / 욕망의 일주일 ~오메가버스 단편선

A Week of Lust [fan-translation]

Summary A Week of Lust [fan-translation]

A collection of seven omegaverse short stories. What if your childhood friend who's living in the apartment next to yours is an omega? Love triangle, unrequited love, romantic comedy, battle, seduction. We're not sure about what you want, so we prepared a variety of hardcore BL titles for you!The collection consists of:




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A Week of Lust [fan-translation]


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