Manga Ai to Ao no Kyoukai

In between indigo and blue / عنوانها حدود الحب والزرقة / アイとアオの境界 / 아이와 아오의 경계

Ai to Ao no Kyoukai

Summary Ai to Ao no Kyoukai

Uozumi Aiko, an employee at Rainwater bookstore, is 29 years old and single. Despite her family pressuring her to get married soon, she lives life at her own pace. But one day, Aiko is frightened by a young man staring at her at work. However, it turns out that he's her cousin! Moreover, they're going to live together?! This is the story of a clumsy woman and a clumsy man living together.




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Ai to Ao no Kyoukai







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