Manga Beauty and the Beastmaster - Harlequin

Beauty and the Beastmaster - Harlequin

Summary Beauty and the Beastmaster - Harlequin

From eRenta! Born to a noble politician in a prominent political family, Amanda is determined to seek justice for animals who are mistreated. She's learned of a case of possible animal cruelty in the world of wrestling, so she attends an event. In the spotlight appears Bram, the Beastmaster, with his tiger. He carries himself like a king, and he is definitely wild and dangerous. After his victory, he gives Amanda an evil grin and picks her up to show off his brawn. Held aloft by a powerful half-naked man, Amanda feels sweet heat coursing through her body like never before. And that's before he steals a kiss from her in front of the raving audience! This was not at all how she'd thought this encounter would go!Support the author if you can~~




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Beauty and the Beastmaster - Harlequin







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