Manga Biohazard - Marhawa Desire

バイオハザード~マルハワデザイア~ / Resident Evil - Marhawa Desire / Resident Evil - Maruhawa Desire / Resident Evil - Thảm Họa Marhawa

Biohazard - Marhawa Desire

Summary Biohazard - Marhawa Desire

Professor Doug Wright teaches at Bennett University, teaching subjects such as bio-terrorism and chemical warfare. One day, he receives a letter from Asia’s largest private high school academy: Marhawa Academy. The letter reads: “A biohazard has occurred inside the academy grounds.“ Doug immediately departs to investigate this incident with his nephew, Ricky, as his assistant. What he finds there looks to be another Raccoon City inside all over again. With the help of Chris Redfield and the BSAA [Bio-Terror Special Operations Unit], will he be able to stop the madness of the t-virus inside this isolated school?




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Biohazard - Marhawa Desire


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