Manga Kakegurui Futago

狂赌之渊 双 / 賭ケグルイ 双-ツイン- / Kakegurui Futago (Twin) / Kakegurui Futago (Twins) / Kakegurui Futago Twins / Kakegurui Twin

Kakegurui Futago

Summary Kakegurui Futago

A prequel to Kakegurui is set a year before the main story’s events, and is centered around Saotome Mary. Saotome, a bright young girl born into an ordinary family, has passed her transfer examinations and has started to attend Hyakkaou Private Academy. It’s an elite school with an exquisite twist - gambling has become a central part of the school’s rules. Saotome adapts quickly to the school’s outlandish system, and soon succumbs to the gambling mania that she comes to be known for.




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Kakegurui Futago


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