Manga Mayonaka Mirror Ball

Midnight Mirror Ball / 真夜中ミラーボール

Mayonaka Mirror Ball

Summary Mayonaka Mirror Ball

Hey, Chiaki... Are you interested in those kinds of parties? It didn't matter if it wasn't normal. He was just looking for a world that would get his blood pumping, but now that he's actually ended up there...Chiaki is an editor at a fashion magazine. His boring existence suddenly changes when he gets an invite to a party from Rei, a model who enjoys a very different kind of life. Once there, he finds himself in the midst of a whole new world of pleasure-seeking! Among the men, he meets the kind-hearted Taiga... his life will only get crazier from here!Buy the chapters if you can afford it, to support the author. Just sharing the first free chapter, won't be continuing it. Final chapter is 7.




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Mayonaka Mirror Ball







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