Manga My Passive-Sadistic Boyfriend

Do-S Kareshi Wa Soushokukei

My Passive-Sadistic Boyfriend

Summary My Passive-Sadistic Boyfriend

I asked you to be my girlfriend. Rina is a plain-looking office worker but dating Takeru, the most competent and popular sadist in the sales department. She wishes she was entirely happy with her gorgeous boyfriend, but there's something about their relationship that's troubling her...... Takeru doesn't seem to want to have sex with her! She's worried that he might not find her attractive! Her office romance with her sadistic co-worker is about to begin!Cover has been edited in order not to provoke with nudity plus to draw unwanted attention that can force bato to close down. SO PLEASE DONT CHANGE THE COVER.




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My Passive-Sadistic Boyfriend







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