Manga Rental Kareshi no Do-S na Ura Option

My Rental Boyfriend's Secret Sadistic Service

Rental Kareshi no Do-S na Ura Option

Summary Rental Kareshi no Do-S na Ura Option

Ms. Miyamoto, you asked for me, right? As her exposed nipples are licked and his fingers caress her sweet spot, it's visible through her underwear that she's soaking wet...... It's Shiori Miyamoto's third year at work. She's mentoring a friendly newbie, Aoki, and their relationship is progressing well. Then one day, a rental boyfriend someone ordered suddenly barges into her room. What!? Could it really be Aoki!? Completely different from usual, he kisses her, sending Shiori into turmoil. On top of that, he says, You ordered the extra service, right? and continues to caress her...... But I... didn't call for a rental boyfriend!




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Rental Kareshi no Do-S na Ura Option


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