Manga The Sicilian's Stolen Son

The Sicilian's Stolen Son

Summary The Sicilian's Stolen Son

Jemima, who is raising the child her late twin sister left in her care, is approached by Italian billionaire Luciano Vitale and treated with contempt. He demands to know where his eight-month-old child is, naming Jemima's sister as the surrogate who gave birth to the baby and stole him. Jemima fears Luciano will take her nephew away if he discovers that she isn't her sister. So Jemima pretends to be her sister and travels with him to his mansion. She must somehow maintain her secret or risk losing her adopted son forever.I have to admit, they look like Petra and Levi from Attack of Titan (on the cover) and that's why I bought it. So while reading I just pretended they were reincarnated so Levi could have some happy life, lol




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The Sicilian's Stolen Son


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