Manga Tosisita Koakuma no SM Kanrijutsu

Bondage, Discipline, and the Seductive Young Man / 年下小悪魔のSM管理術

Tosisita Koakuma no SM Kanrijutsu

Summary Tosisita Koakuma no SM Kanrijutsu

At the young age of 29, Minato kashiwagi is already the chief director of her department due to her hardwork. However, she has a dirty little secret- she enjoys disciplining all the docile men at work! She burns off stress punishing these man until one day a young man. Towa, starts to work at the company part-time. The moment minato saw towa's cute, meek face, she knew he'd be obedient! Soon! The night of towa's welcome party, she sneaks out witht him in an attempt to rule over him in bed. But.....I personally buy all the chapters I'm uploading here. So, if you want to support the author, buy a copy for yourself!! -Yunan




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Tosisita Koakuma no SM Kanrijutsu







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